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Energy Burst

Flo Energy Burst Shower Gel is specially created for men. It cleans and deeply energizes the skin.

It contains herbal extracts that have anti-inflammatory, regenerating and firming effect. Thanks to them, the synthesis of collagen increases and it creates a protective layer that keeps moisture in depth.

The skin is always clean, tight and fresh.

Moisture Flow

FLO Moisture Flow Shower Gel carefully and gently cleans and deeply moisturizes the skin.

The specially selected herbal extracts hydrate and nourish dry skin, increase skin elasticity and have anti-aging effect.

The skin remains hydrated, fresh and tight during all the day.

Intensive Care

FLO Intensive Care Shower Gel provides complete care for the skin, nourishing it and making it silky smooth.

The complex of herbal oils restores the lipid balance of the skin and protects it from the adverse effect of the environment, while retaining moisture in the skin and protects it from dehydration.

The skin is healthy, fresh and satin smooth.

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