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Hi there,

I am Milena Anastasova, the inspirer of FLO Beauty Care.

I`ve always believed passion is the thing that leads people to success and gives them joy from it. Passion for loved ones, passion for hobby, passion for work…

I’ve always believed that passion is what makes people go forward and, what makes them enjoy their successes.

For a long time now a passion of mine is cosmetics – the quality one and the one that makes you feel beautiful. Actually for me these two always go hand in hand.

I believe beauty doesn`t have perfect measurements and features. When I use a really nice product, I feel beautiful, happy and confident. And I know others see me like this as well. You know that feeling, right?

That`s why I created FLO Beauty Care – a brand that inspires beauty. Of course, I am not alone in this – the people from my team are with me. They have also found their passion and do everything with inspiration. In FLO labs we try new formulas every day, because we believe every successful product is a step in the process of permanent innovation. Therefore, we are not afraid to stand behind each product and to take responsibility for its quality.

And we have a dream, like every human being. Our dream is to turn FLO Beauty Care in the brand that inspires sense of style and beauty every day.

Be beautiful and full of passion!


Subra & Flo

FLO Beauty Care in Subra Pharmacies

Flo Beauty Care is starting a partnership with Subra Pharmacies.


HESA Pharmacies

FLO Beauty Care in HESA Pharmacies

Flo Beauty Care is starting a partnership with HESA Pharmacies.


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Happy holiday

"FLO Beauty Care" wishes you a happy holiday and a successful 2016!